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Chant is one of the simplest and most sublime ways we as humans have of singing praises to the universe. We have done it the shower, in the car on the way to work, even while making dinner or taking care of household chores. The most obvious benefit of raising our voices in song is that it helps quiet the mind, still the heart and transcend the chaos of the mundane activities most of us endure day after day!

Chanting is a commonly used practice within many religious gatherings. A miriad of traditions embrace chant as one route to spiritual enlightenment. Chants can be both cultural and religious in nature, with many coming from various African and Native American cultures; while Gregorian chant and the chanting of psalms are more prevalent in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran and Anglican churches. Vedic chant, Jewish chazzanut, Qur’an reading, Baha’i & Buddhist chants, mantras, Tibetan Buddhist chant involves throat singing, where multiple pitches are produced by each performer. The concept of chanting mantras is of particular significance in many Hindu traditions and other closely related Dharmic Religions.

The repetitive intonement of chanting reverberates deep within our collective being. It washes away the noise in our heads, replacing it with music that resonates from the deepest recesses of our humanity. The cadence pulsates in ways that quiet the fast paced energy created by work and play, replacing it with harmony and inner peace.

The practice of chanting becomes an instrument in the process of spiritually connecting our psyche’s desire to deepen it’s relationship to other enlightened members of the human race. This goal is not concerned with attaining perfection or status, but is instead about embracing the journey and following all things that lead us closer to the stillness that lies within. The quieter the mind, body and spirit, the more aware we become of our true place in the mystical dance of life.

Take some time to sing a song just for the sake of singing. Find a quiet place to let go and allow your voice to soar, for in the soaring you will find a sense of peace you will never wish to relinquish.

Here are some of my favorite mantra's
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This one took me a few weeks to memorize. After that I would chant it in the car on the way to work.
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Typically chants are supposed to be done 108 times. Mandalas  ( a strand of 108 beads) are used to keep count, so you don't get distracted

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