Thursday, 7 April 2011

How to Live Zero Impact

A few weeks ago, I was directed to a website about a woman who had vowed to give up all plastic products for a year. I was moved by her story and determination which motivated me to take a better look at my own plastic consumption and what I could do to change it. To learn more about my thoughts on this subject please read my post The Plastic Diet.

One of my clients who read the post suggested I check out the documentary and blog of a man in New York who had vowed to make no environmental impact at all for a whole year. I was very intrigued as I have already found it quite hard to avoid plastic completely, so the thought of someone being able to live in a huge city like New York and not make any impact at all sounded very impressive indeed.
 This is Colin Beavan's blog  No Impact Man which has all kinds of interesting and insightful ideas on how to live more sustainably.

He is putting out a challenge to people to live "no impact" for one week.  This video explains how to get involved with the challenge and shows links to information on how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to accomplish this.

The simple math is that there are too many people for this planet to support. The massive use of raw materials, and the toxic way we farm to feed such vast amounts of people, is killing Mother Earth. We only have a few years left to turn things around or the planet as we know it will be gone. It is up to us to make a difference, get the laws changed, and become accountable for our footprint. Your small action DOES make a difference. Like many raindrops form a puddle, each single action added to another adds up to make a change. Please take a few minutes to check out Colins site or documentary and think of ways you can make small changes in your lifestyle, so that our grandchildren will have clean air,  clean water, and healthy minds, bodies and souls. Lets leave nature the way we found it, take only memories, leave only footprints.

 Thank you for recycling, Mother's life is in our hands

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