Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ode to water

cool blue mystical
ribbons tying the country together

this gift
the elixir of the gods
dances on my skin in a delicious caress
refreshing mists, tantalizing my senses
tickling the downy hairs on my cheek
drenching downpours saturating my being
washing me clean of all my sins

steam wrapping itself with warm tendrils
embracing me in its' gentle warmth
replaced by refreshing crystals of coolness
numbing pain and banishing menopausal heatwaves

the satisfying crunch of snow under boot
while exploring virgin landscapes
negative ions released by a thundering waterfall
recharging your ethereal batteries

cradled in a mothers embrace
I drift on gentle waves in a dreamland of silent lucidity, fluidity
I crave the life giving moisture
wanting to wrap myself in it, taste it, revel in its sweetness
feel it trickle through to every cell

Water, the most precious, beautiful gift of all
you support me in every way
every day
I will never take you for granted
Rhianna Featherstone September 14, 2010

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